Body start

Our Body Start, unlike the classic consultation, is the first approach for a specific body treatment path. In addition to the aesthetic treatment, aimed at performing a light mechanical exfoliation on the skin to make it instantly more hydrated and elastic, it allows our operators to accurately test the areas to be treated to create customized and targeted packages. Based on the constitution, biological and daily rhythms, and especially the goals of each individual, the duration of the treatment path, the frequency of the treatments to be followed in the booth and at home to restore the correct physiological dynamics of the body is established. To have and maintain lasting results over time, several steps must be followed: DETOXIFICATION AND DRAINAGE PHASE (We facilitate the elimination of waste substances) MODELING PHASE(In this phase we reshape the treated areas to give a correct physical form, always respecting the morphology of our body) TONING AND FIRMING PHASE (With specific treatments we give firmness to the skin and underlying tissues) MAINTENANCE PHASE (Based on the results obtained, a new path will be planned in order to preserve and improve the balance achieved) In any situation, consistency and respect for the body’s own times are essential.

Body Treatments